Sassy Inspire The Senses Bounce Around Activity Center Review

This is a review for the Sassy Inspire The Senses Bounce Around Activity Center. It has a mid-range price and seems to be loaded with features. Like other models, it allows you to adjust the height to three different positions. This is great because it ensures you can give your baby a custom fit.

However, the height positions also allow baby to grow with the product. It has stable feet, which makes it a comfortable and safe product to use. The seat is also removable and can be washed in a machine washer.

As you can imagine, the seat pad on these products gets dirty quickly, so it’s a huge bonus to be able to remove it and throw it into the washer. The brand that makes this jumper added an innovative pod system, which makes it possible for you to switch the toys in and out very quickly.

Baby’s favorite toys can be swapped in or out as soon as they’re needed. There is a lady bug play station, sunshine mirror spinner, wonder wheel and four removable toys. This particular model has bold patterns and high-contrast colors, which really seem to excite.

The fun textures work to keep baby’s senses engaged. Each of the different toys has been created to inspire at least one of your baby’s senses. For example, they might inspire taste, vision, touch or hearing. Since the toys can be removed, baby can play with them around the house.Sassy Inspire The Senses Bounce Around Activity Center

The high-back seat is especially useful for younger babies. The Sassy POD system is especially useful. It makes it possible to quickly swap out the toys.

The jumper can be customized based on your baby’s exact preferences. There are many different toys and features on this model – too many to list.

The Good and the Bad

It’s very easy to assemble, which is important. However, it’s also very entertaining. Since everyone is different, it can be difficult to find products that actually keep baby entertained, and fortunately, this is one of those products that seem to do the trick most of the time.

Unlike some other models, it’s not TOO large. Some consumers have said it looks like it’s more for a girl rather than a boy. It’s supposed to be a gender-neutral product.

However, everyone has their own opinion. A lot of consumers have said that they REALLY enjoy the toys on this jumper – they seem to keep baby entertained continuously. They also capture baby’s attention in a way that other models cannot.

Although the frog toy has certainly been a favorite, many consumers say they really enjoy the wonder wheel. Once again, these are just personal opinions. Some competing models have seats that turn a bit more easily than this model, but this doesn’t seem to be a serious issue.

Overall, this product is colorful, fun and entertaining. It has the power to capture baby’s attention and keep it while also stimulating the senses.

It’s only slightly more expensive than competing models but seems to have MUCH more to offer. If you’re looking for an affordable jumper that gives plenty of value for the money, then this is a great product.