Graco Bumper Jumper in Little Jungle Review

The Graco Bumper Jumper in Little Jungle is priced quite low when compared to similar products, but that doesn’t always mean it’s not as good as or better than other comparable models. It has a high back nylon seat, which can be removed and washed in your washer.

The bumper that protects the product’s woodwork is soft all around, and there are two interactive toys that are removable. You can also attach these toys to the play tray. A plastic dome ensures straps are spread apart, so it’s not too difficult to get baby in and out. The clamp that is used to attach the product to the doorframe is spring loaded.

Parents like that this jumper is like a little jungle – at least it looks like one. You can see from its size that it’s definitely portable, and we don’t doubt that it will keep baby entertained. It quickly attaches to the doorframe so not much time is needed to get baby up and jumping.

The seat pad is washable, which ensures the entire product will stay tidy. When the seat starts to get dirty, simply remove it and throw it into the washer. There is non-twist straps combined with the plastic dome, which separates the strap.Graco Bumper Jumper in Little Jungle

Since the straps don’t twist, it’s very easy to put baby in or take them out. This is a feature that not many other doorway jumpers have, so it’s definitely one that sets this model apart from the competition. As parents, we all understand the importance of safety.

This model has a hidden safety cord and spring. These are special precautions meant to keep your little one safe. There is a no mark clamp that prevents damage to your home and doorway. Since the clamp is spring loaded, it won’t mark your door moldings when attached.

Due to this built-in feature, you can setup this jumper almost anyway. Virtually every feature helps to give you and baby a fun and safe experience. The attachment makes this model much easier to attach to a doorframe than many comparable models.

Your baby will be able to grow with this model, up to about 25 pounds. All you need to do is adjust the height. The ‘joy’ tray is an additional feature, which lets baby play with toys while simultaneously bouncing.

The interactive toys are made to stimulate baby’s imagination. With this product, you’re basically taking baby on a safari trip while at home.

The Good

For starters, this model actually lets baby jump – some models say they do, but they really don’t give baby much room to really jump.

The spring is set for the perfect level of tightness, so the jumping is very enjoyable but controlled. Unlike some of the alternatives, the included toys don’t make obnoxious sounds, and they’re especially perfect for babies that are teething.

The toy tray padding is very soft and makes the experience safer. Surprisingly, the colors should match almost any décor. There are some similar products that are comparable, but for a little extra money, you get this brilliant jumper that has much more to offer.

The Bad

Unfortunately, in some rare cases, this model didn’t fit any doorways. Only a small number of consumers have had this problem.

To make sure it will fit your doorway, the manual says the max. Thickness can’t be over 16.5 CM. You might also run into trouble if your baby is VERY tall, but for most people, this isn’t a problem.

Overall, this is an excellent product for the money. It has plenty of fun and excitement to offer baby for a reasonable price.