Evenflo Johnny Jump Up Doorway Jumper Bumbly Review

We wanted to do a review for the Evenflo Johnny Jump Up Doorway Jumper Bumbly, so here it is! This is one of the cheapest products that you can buy for the purpose of giving baby some jump time. It’s actually cheaper than most comparable models that are the same style.

It’s what you would call a ‘doorway jumper’. This particular model will fit most standard doorways, but they need to be about three to six inches thick. The door trim must also be firmly affixed and must be ½ an inch wide. There is no doubt that jumping is an activity that is very healthy for baby.

It’s really important because it also helps to strengthen the senses. Studies have proven this fact over and over again. Something that is great about this model is that it has a framed seat, which fully surrounds your child. There is a fully-enclosed spring that prevents injury to baby’s fingers.

However, it also stops dirt from accumulating inside of the active spring. Adjustable straps let you accommodate your baby’s specific weight and height while ensuring the product is able to grow with baby. For the price, this model is really capable of stimulating baby’s growth.

It has the potential to provide an enormous amount of fun. Aside from serving as an excellent source of entertainment, it’s also great for exercise.

It also doesn’t take up a massive amount of floor space, which is a problem with many types of jumpers. The doorframe clamp is very secure and can fit almost all interior doorways.Evenflo Johnny Jump Up Doorway Jumper Bumbly

The enclosed spring provides an unmatched level of safety while also preventing baby from being able to touch the spring. You can take this jumper on the road because it packs easily – it’s also very easy to clean.

The Good

To start with, this product is very easy to take down and set up. Adjusting the height is also very easy to do. Even after being used countless times, the straps will stay free of tangles.

However, despite the safety precautions, ALL baby toys require adult supervision. This model works best in a wider doorway, but it will still work great in other sizes. Many consumers say they would’ve paid hundreds of dollars for the level of enjoyment that this product is able to provide.

It has a very sturdy design, and the spring has a safe cover, which is much safer than these toys USED to be. In the past, they were built without a spring cover, so fingers were getting pinched left and right!

This jumper has great padding all throughout. It’s perfect for exercise because it’s very springy. It will fit easily and quickly over almost any doorframe and feels incredibly safe and secure.

The Bad

A lot of people will have some trouble taking off the metal frame, which must be done to wash the fabric. For example, certain accidents can create a mess that requires this.

We believe that all baby products should be very easy to take apart and wash, so that is one of the only downsides of this product. However, these are only minor issues.

For the price, you really can’t beat what it has to offer. The bright colors and entertaining design will keep baby’s attention while playing. It’s a much better deal than several comparable products.