Bright Starts Springin’ Safari Bounce-a-Bout Activity Center Review

The Bright Starts Springin’ Safari Bounce-a-Bout Activity Center is definitely a product that we’ve wanted to review for quite some time now. It’s one of our favorites for several reasons. It has in excess of 12 activities built into it, which is amazing for a baby jumper.

There are enough cute characters and interactive toys to keep baby entertained for hours. It has a unique bounce pad, which is perfect for playtime fun. As with most other models, the seat height can be adjusted, so you can achieve a truly customized fit for baby.

The adjustable height settings also enable the product to grow with your baby. The seat can rotate 360 degrees, so baby can have continuous interaction with all of the different activity stations – and there are A LOT of them.

We really like this jumper because it lays flat for storage, so there is no need to fight to cram it into a storage space. There is a storage tray that is built in and very easy to clean. The seat pad can be washed in your washing machine.

In terms of keeping baby entertained, this is certainly one of the most effective models. It’s actually much more than just a bouncer.

There are several whimsical toys and characters that are on the activity tray, and these really encourage baby to grip, pop, spin, rattle, reach and bend.Bright Starts Springin' Safari Bounce-a-Bout Activity Center

The seat has three different height adjustments; however, some other jumpers have as many as five. This model has plenty of comfort to offer, and since the seat pad is washable in your washing machine, cleanup is quick and easy.

The Pros

There is plenty to like about this jumper. A lot of people said it really helped their baby develop motor skills. It’s also a very a durable product.

It seems to be an especially useful jumper for babies aged 4 to 8 months. After 8 months, a walker is likely the best option. All of the different toys help with development.

Some of the toys require baby to think pretty hard to figure them out, but after that, they’re extremely fun to play with. Many parents have said this jumper kept their baby entertained for as long as 40 minutes.

The Cons

There is only one minor issue with this product, and it’s the quality of the seat. When compared with several other models, this jumper’s seat isn’t the highest quality.

It’s almost like a simple fabric sac that has two holes inside of it. However, you should still find the Bright Starts Springin’ Safari Bounce-a-Bout Activity Center to provide great value for the money.

It’s on the low to mid-range price scale, and it will do what you want it to do. There are some minor issues, but they don’t break the deal for us.