Bright Starts Activity Jumper Giggle Bugs Review

We’ve made this review for the Bright Starts Activity Jumper Giggle Bugs. There are MANY different features on this one. It has several bug-themed toys, which most babies find especially fun. An electric piano has three different play modes and lights.

There are different piano melodies and fun sounds to play with. Baby is protected by the 4-point safety frame, which is designed to save space. Unlike many comparable jumpers, this one has five different height settings.

It’s easy to get the perfect fit for baby with so many different positions. It’s very easy to store because it lays flat. The toy tray is built in and can be washed easily. The seat pad can be washed in a washer. This model has no shortage of bright colors that will keep baby entertained for long periods of time.

It immerses baby in a sea of fun and exciting toys, which help to stimulate the imagination. There is plenty of safety padding, and it’s the perfect products for a four-month child.

The different toys ACTUALLY keep baby’s attention, so you can take care of the household duties or other children. The music from the piano keyboard and bright colors are very entertaining.Bright Starts Activity Jumper Giggle Bugs

We found that this model is eerily similar to the Baby Einstein model. The lowest setting for this model accommodates a four-month child. Most babies should get at least a full hour of fun out of it.

The Pros

While the manufacturer doesn’t say much about it, this jumper has plenty to offer baby. The bars actually have loops, which makes it possible to hang even more toys.

Unlike some similar models, the height is actually very easy to adjust. The activities are fun and keep baby engaged. It’s also very easy to assemble.

The buttons are very easy for baby to figure out and press. Assembling this product is VERY easy and doesn’t require much effort. It’s great for exercise and provides an amazing experience.

The Cons

Unfortunately, the music isn’t motion-activated, which is what many similar models do. However, this isn’t a serious issue whatsoever.

One of the only issues with this jumper is that it’s not perfect for parents who want to take many pictures of their little one inside of it. The bars kind of block the view for a great picture, but for everything else, it’s really a great product.

When you consider everything you get with this model, the price isn’t bad at all. It’s actually slightly cheaper than many comparable models, and we would say the biggest different is the lack of thick padding that some other models have.

The toys are great but could’ve been a bit more thought out. Overall, we think the Bright Starts Activity Jumper Giggle Bugs provides GREAT value for the money.